Intouch sells you as a supplier

Intouch real-time monitoring, scheduling and reporting enhances visibility and control of the manufacturing process, enabling decisions that significantly improve OEE to be made, which means a reduction in manufacturing costs.


What it also does, is help you sell your company as a supplier. The Intouch system means that your customer can be sure of:


  • On time delivery
  • Quality assurance (full product genealogy, event history and material traceability guarantee product safety and compliance to regulations)
  • Competitive pricing as you pass your cost savings onto your customer (without compromising on quality)


Website traffic to our Intouch website from our customers websites (the ones who have Intouch on their websites) shows that customers are interested in the product and what it means to them. As Dave Sheridan from OnePlastics said ‘One of our blue chip suppliers told us that Intouch gave us the point of difference between other suppliers’.


For more information on Intouch’s easy to use, affordable and flexible systems, download our brochure, newsletter or contact us for more information or to book your demo.

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